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The DailySamurai Harness is amazing! I have a pug and they are hard to fit because of their weird shape but I got a medium in and it fits perfect. I have adjusted the chest piece to fit my pug’s larger chest and its the best fitting harness I have ever bought for her.

Anna K

The anti-snoring sleep aid is the best purchase i've made. Normally, I would use a CPAP however that made enough noise itself and was uncomfortable to sleep in. After ordering this, I slept like a baby with simply a small nose piece!

John D

I'm a serial skiier and I've tried hundreds of goggles and masks from prices blowing up to £500, the DailySamurai Double Layered Anti-Fog Goggles are by far my favourite and I don't even notice they're on, the lens is great and the colour is amazing but my favourite thing is the way it sits on your face. As if it's been sculpted for you!

Sarah M

The magic peeler caught my eye the second i saw it! It was a great price so I decided to order it and see if it really worked like the video had demonstrated.  By far the best buy of the year. Saved me so much time in the kitchen and simplified the basic bit of the meal so I could get ahead to the real cooking.

Lara H